As well as plum is the prettiest tree from rose family so that’s JELICKI DUKAT is rose with the best flavour among OLD SERBIAN brandies. JELICKI DUKAT is an old Serbian plum’s brandy with 45% v/v which stayed in oak barrels for 12 years. It came from the best quality kinds of plums from orchard family Prodanovic from village Pridvorica, on the east slopes of mountain Jelica near Cacak

JELICKI DUKAT is being preserved in basements of family Prodanovic where optimal temperature and moist give best conditions for ripening brandy. Oak barrels, usually 500 liters volume, in which brandy stays for years, are creditable for forming specific flavor and tasty performance of this drink. Normal control of old and new distillates of JELICKI DUKAT gives all time quality and the top position on our and foreign market.

The production of plum brandy is tradition in The Prodanovic family, as old as family themselves whose roots date from 18th century Cacak .The winds that whip our country,our people, and so do The Prodanovic family made this old brandy as valuable as ducat. Brandy represented pawn for safer but always unlikely future. It educated children, married sons , married daughters, payed taxes and enabled that in happiness and with optimism wait for tomorrow. 12 years of aging in oak barrels gave JELICKI DUKAT golden yellow, amber color refined taste.