JELICKI DUKAT caries the spirit of past and forgotten traditional values and new age yet to come . It merges traditional recipe and high technology, elegant and modern package but directness and warmness of Serbian village. JELICKI DUKAT is drink of unique taste which contains tradition, too. It’s drinkable and it has the color of amber(golden yellow). It unites the taste dominated by oak flavour,with velvet presence of plum. Meadows and forests which surround the orchard bring the taste of flowers. Old oak barrels in which DUKAT ripens for 12 years makes it closer to cognac than to brandy.


JELICKI DUKAT is a product that can be consumed a whole day.We suggest serving it in wide ‘’cognac’’ glasses on 17 to 20 degrees. Then it will have most of it’s flavour and taste. Challenge is serving cold DUKAT on 5 degrees and then follow the release of flavour wile warming up glass with warmness of a palm. The unique flavour allows JELICKI DUKAT to be drunk both as a digestive and an aperitif. JELICKI DUKAT is drink which perfectly gets along with dishes from venison or red meat. For a dessert with DUKAT we recommend chocolate cakes,as well as pies and prunes. The smell and taste of quality cigarette with JELICKI DUKAT will surprise the greatest hedonists. At the end maybe it’s best to follow your instinct and personal affinity.