Old strong Serbian Plum brandy

It came from the best quality kinds of plums from orchard family Prodanovic from village Pridvorica, on the east slopes of mountain Jelica near Cacak.



After 12 years spent in oak barrels JELICKI DUKAT is born. It comes from plum grown on a family property Prodanovic in the village Pridvorica near Cacak. Tradition of making brandy is as old as family Prodanovic whose roots date from 18th century. The orchard lies on sunny and windy east slopes of mountain Jelica on a high sea level, (almost 600meters), where natural meadow, but forest environment gives JELICKI DUKAT fresh flavours. Production starts with great care about orchard planting. The chose of plum products with pip removal, controlled fermentation and double distillation, gives high quality distillate as the result. Regular control of new and old JELICKI DUKAT distillates gives permanent quality, and of course the top position on our and foreign market.